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Utah Patent Attorney - Steven Rinehart | IP Litigator

 STEVEN RINEHART - Utah Patent Attorney
Utah Patent Attorney - Steven Rinehart
Lvx in pace et ferrvsqve in bello
Your light in peace and your sword in war
Steven Rinehart is a Utah patent attorney who regularly prepares, prosecutes, secures and enforces patents and other IP rights.  He obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of Utah College of Law in 2003, and studied Computer Science, Naval Science and English as an undergraduate before getting his degree from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah. Before becoming a lawyer, he started and sold several Internet companies, and has an iron grasp of the virtual frontier. Steve focuses on patent law and Internet law.  He has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patent and trademark applications.  He regularly files patents on improved mechanical devices as well as software patents.  Steve is also handled nearly 200 domain name disputes.  Steve has been featured in the ECT News, Salt Lake Tribune, and Associated Press.  He is a member of the Utah Trial Lawyers' Association and founder of a free legal file exchange for attorneys and non-attorneys alike.  Steve is also a licensed attorney in the state of Virginia.
Bar No.11,494
Utah State Bar Association
Reg No.61,403
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
Virginia Bar Association
American IP Law Association 
Juris Doctorate
(JD) 2003

University of Utah
College of Law

Bachelor of Arts
(BA) 2000

Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah
Licensed Pilot

Federal Aviation Administraton (FAA)
Telephone (U.S.):888-941-9933
Facsimilie No. (U.S.):801-665-1292
Mobile Telephone No. (U.S.):801-347-5173
Physical Address:110 S. Regent Street, Suite 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
United States of America
Social Media:
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I work in association with other patent attorneys/agents with backgrounds in most of the major technical arts, and write, and have written, patents for many well-respected companies including IBM.  I regularly file patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, as well as the U.S. Receiving Office under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). I can also help you handle litigation matters, including patent infringement lawsuits, trademark opposition proceedings, and ICANN UDRP domain name disputes. Whatever your IP needs, I can offer you expeditious and competent representation -- and can arrange to communicate with you in your native language if you live abroad.  I am available to clients anytime, including days, nights and weekends. I regularly travel to ChinaCalifornia, and Virginia, and may be able to offer clients in California and Virginia better rates on patent preparation and prosecution, as well as domain name disputes, than local attorneys.  Click HERE for a copy my Certificate of Good Standing.

Recent Federal Litigation
*  Amiri v. TruckMaster Logistic Systems, Case No. 2:09-CV-374, Filed May 1, 2009 (With Rinehart representing Defendant in IP infringement, case settled with a cash payment from Plaintiff to Defendant and transfer from Plaintiff to Defendant of a disputed Internet domain name).
*  Fashion Career Center, Inc. v. Apple Computer, Inc., Vurgood, et al., Case No. 2:10-CV-195, Filed May 1, 2009 (Representing Plaintiff in IP infringement action, case settled for a cash and a permanent injunction in favor of Plaintiff).
*  Universal Trim Supply v. K&K Trading, Case No. 2:09-CV-18, Filed (Patent infringement case pending).
*  RentMaster, Inc. v. , Case No. 2:10-CV-319, Filed March 1, 2010 (Trademark infringement case pending).
*  Phiten Co., Ltd., v. The Dugout, Case No., Filed (Case settled in client's favor, permanent injunction entered).
*  Bullex System, Inc. v. Jin Hao Young, Case No., Filed (Trademark infringement case pending).
Reported Appellate Decisions
*  Robertson Marine v. I4 Solutions, Case No. 20080962-CA, Filed January 22, 2010, 2010 UT App 9 (represented Apellant in seeking review of trial court's non-award of attorney fees to prevailing party/client). 
For the Audio File of Steve's Oral Argument Click HERE.

Jury Trial History
*  Robertson Marine Inc. v. I4 Solutions, Inc., (represented Defendants and defeated all of Plaintiffs' claims in trial against McIntyre and Golden while prevailing on Defendant/client's counterclaims, finishing trial with judgment in favor of Defendants on claims and counterclaims).
*  Gordon Grotepas v. Stephen and Julie Pinchak, (represented Plaintiff and prevailed in trial against Smith Knowles representing Defendants.  Awarded judgment for all of claimed damages plus attorney fees against defendants).
 I4 Solutions, Inc. v. Martin Braden, (trial is scheduled before Judge Page of Utah's Second District Court).
Audio of Steven Rinehart oral argument on summary judgment here.
Note: This trial list does not include seven (7) small claims trials, in all of which Mr. Rinehart prevailed.
Recent Domain Name Dispute Victories
bitzip.com;  bullex.com;  fbomb.com;  fpscheats.com;  graduateschools.com;  iboss.com;  mia.com;  pass-guarantee.comspudos.com;  resumepro.com;  ukhouseclearances.com;  royalnissan.comlawspeak.com;  
frankrisalvato.comdigitalaccesspass.com;  tinyprint.com;  houseofflags.comtrijiconriflescopes.com;  
trijiconstore.com;fpsrussia.comelitefts.comclimacab.competpeoplesplace.com;  purepostcards.com
ezq.comjonahhunt.com;phaseeight.comteraflex.com;  wiiu.comallisonsworkwear.com;  
theedenclubfraud.com;  acecapital.com;  kendrickmoxon.com;  excellencechocolate.com;  
greenhornetlighting.com;  greatwallchinamarathon.com;  broadbandvoice.com;  roadcam.com;  realegroup.comautonav.com;  candocanines.com;  solidx.com;  kandypearls.com;  
microsretail.comamericansleepassociation.comchooze.com;  drgrowitall.com;  lloydirvinrapetruth.comgooddesignaward.com;
Recent Court Victories
ezq.com (won federal ex parte TRO forcing VeriSign to strip this three-letter domain from its Chinese registrant and deliver to California corp); ksoftware.com (won federal court transfer order in Virginia stripping this domain from its Caribbean registrant for Kentucky corp); truckmaster.com (won domain in settlement during ACPA federal case after removing from state court and after UDRP loss); bullex.com (won federal transfer order stripping this domain from its Korean registrant for New York corp); websitelawyer.com (a rare case invovling state jurisdiction in which a state court ordered VeriSign to seize and change domain registration from the Cayman Islands);
Representative Clients
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Educational Audio Clips by Steve Rinehart
For answers to common patent questions, click HERE (audio clip loads from site).
For an audio clip on domain name disputes, click HERE (audio clip loads from site).
For the second audio clip on domian name disputes, click HERE (audio clip loads from site).
Recently Published Patent Applications
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Office Action Response Samples
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Litigation Writing Samples
*  Implied Breach of Contract Complaint - U.S. District Court
*  Patent Infringement Answer and Counterclaims - U.S. District Court
*  Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) Complaint - U.S. District Court
*  Trademark Infringement Complaint - U.S. District Court
*  Rule 37 Motion for Sanctions - State Court
*  Rule 54 Motion to Reconsider - State Court
Recent Publications by Steve
Bucking Small Claim Courts - UTAH BAR J. 32, 33–34 (Sep. 4, 2010) (quoted by the Supreme Court in Allen v. Moyer, 2011 UT 44, 259 P.3d 1049).
Chinese Intellectual Property Chaos -  November 2010
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--Brandon Anderson
I4 Solutions

"I want to let you know how pleased I am with the legal services that have been rendered from Steven Rinehart.  Myself and my business partner worked directly with Steven Rinehart, and I cannot tell you how professional and courteous he is.  His attention to detail and understanding of the intricacies of our legal issues were second to none.  He took quality time to review our projects, and, as we brought other projects to him, I wondered if the quality of his work would diminish.  I am happy to report that it did not, in fact, as we gained a greater rapport with him, my expectations were exceeded!  I feel every legal project, be it a lawsuit, patent case, domain name dispute, etc. all of them were handled with the same care and detailed attention that were given to us in the very first case we brought to him.  I can honestly say that I would recommend USPatentLaw.com to anyone, as I have already sent numerous friends and business acquaintances to work with this firm and all have reported back that they had the same experience that I continue to have.  We look forward to working with USPatentLaw.com for many years to come."
"Steven Rinehart is an expert in domain name disputes."

-- OC3 Entertainment

"I don't know what we would have done without you."

-- TruckMaster