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International (PCT) Patent Apps

We are interested in establishing ongoing relationships with reputable manufacturers, researchers, corporations, and entrepreneurs the world over. With that end in mind, discounts may be available on fees shown below for repeating or bulk work.  For information specifically on domestic applications in the U.S., click here.  General pricing is listed for your convenience here:
For a more complete list of fees and services offered, see our Areas of Practice page.
Our Fees for International Patent Filings in the U.S. 
International PCT Filing w/ U.S. Receiving Office:*$600
International PCT Filing w/ Translation and Revision:*$1,100
Office Action Response: $1,750
* The filing fees for PCT applications are costly, usually around $3,5000, which amount is in addition to the fees shown above, although only $1,338 must normally be paid at the time of filing (with the rest paid when the application enters the national stage from 18 - 30 months later).
Patent Cooperation Treaty
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is an agency of the United Nations, created in 1967, "to promote the protection of intellectual property throughout the world." WIPO is headquartered in Geneva, and administers to the 184 countries who have joined the international Patent Cooperation Treaty, including the United States. The Patent Cooperation Treaty provides a uniform method of filing patent applications on international stages, and of receiving patent protection in most of the countries of the world. Applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) are called international applications or PCT applications. We can file international applications for you.  USPatentLaw may be able to help you obtain patent protection on inventions conceived and reduced to practice in any country in the International Patent Coopertion Union. Particularly if you have already filed for patent protection in your native country, we would be pleased to help you obtain protection in the U.S. Because there are strict time limits within which you must file protection (usually twelve (12) months from your first filing), it is important you contact us promptly if you are considering filing an application under the PCT.
Patent Application Brochure 
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We would be happy to discuss your PCT patent application needs. In whatever technical art you deal, we can arrange for an expert patent attorney to draft and file an PCT patent application for you. Please contact us here.  Please download our Inventor Disclosure Form if you interested in having us review your idea.  We use WIPO PCT-Safe to file PCT applications (http://www.wipo.int/pct-safe/en/). An amended fee schedule went into effect on July 1, 2008, which changes the filing fees for PCT applications.  The filing fee is now $1,338 per application with the U.S. receiving office, plus you have to pay the transmittal fee of $300 and the search fee of $255 if you are small entity.  This all has to be paid up front (so it’s $1893 per application in filing fees alone not including attorneys’ fees).  We don’t have to name the countries where you want protection until about 30 months after the priority date of the applications (i.e. the date they were first filed).  To enter the national stage in the U.S. costs around $505 as a small entity (in the U.S it’s $155 for the National Stage Fee, $255 for the search examination fee and $105 search fee). 

Legal Fee Disclaimer

The fees shown below are subject to change at anytime without notice, and do not include filing fees, issue fees, or maintanence fees with the USPTO, WIPO, or other international offices. The shown legal fees do not include subsequent prosecution fees. Most patent applications require that one or more office action responses be filed within three years of filing the application, for which practitioners charge extra as/if the responses become necessary. Add 50% for rush service to the fees shown below. Most patent applications require a patenability search. Patent applications can generally be completed within ten (10) days when rushed fees are paid. All legal fees are shown in U.S. dollars.