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Chinese Intellectual Property Law

The Chinese are gracious, intelligent, and compassionate.  They are also men of business, not men of words. I have great respect for my Chinese clients.  Out of an abundant desire not to affront any person, authority, or institution in Asia with commentary I am really not qualified to make, I have chosen to remove my article on Asian intellectual property law, and instead include below  pictures from my most recent trip to Dongguan and Shenzchen, China.
Hong Kong from My Hotel RoomA view of Hong Kong in the morning from my Hotel room on the 42nd floor.  I was in Hong Kong for an inspection of my client's factory that was taking place during discovery as part of a patent infringement case involving two Chinese parties in the US.
Hong Kong from My Hotel RoomThis is a picture of downtown Dongguan in China.  Dogguan is a Chinese province about 100 kilometers north of Hong Kong, where thousands of factories product almost every consumer good known to man.  I have two clients with factories here.
Hotel lobby in ChinaA Ferrari adorns the lobby of my hotel in Dongguan.  Some of the Chinese are concerned with appearances.  They also activate unrestricted Internet for Americans staying at this hotel.  In most of China, acess to some sites, including legal sites, is controlled by the Chinese.
Hotel lobby in ChinaRepresentatives of the plaintiff co-mingle with my client's employees while filiming a demonstration of a mold production process underlying the patent litigation with which I am involved.
Workers in ChinaWorkers in one of my client's factories.  They are treated well, and make about $310 US per month.  They get one hour lunches during which they all take brief naps.
Hong Kong from My Hotel RoomMany of the factories in South China are owned by Hong Kongese, who travel into China each day for work and who tend to have nicer cars.
Hong Kong from My Hotel RoomThis is the Apple iPhone factory in Shenzchen.  The nets are there to prevent suicides of the Chinese workers.